About Qatchr

Welcome to Qatchr, your trusted partner in credit information. With deep roots in Denmark and an active presence in Germany, we offer tailored credit information and comprehensive company data designed to strengthen the financial resilience of your business. Our advanced analytics tools give you the insight to identify and manage financial risks so you can make informed decisions that protect your business from potential losses.

Predicting payment behavior

Our platform is tailored to give you precise insights that enable you to predict your customers' payment behavior. With our data-driven solutions, you gain clarity on which customers are reliable and which ones are a potential risk.

This knowledge helps you steer clear of financial pitfalls and maintain a healthy cash flow.

Part of Collectia A/S

Qatchr is proud to be part of Collectia A/S, a pioneering IT company that has specialized in debt collection for more than two decades.

Collectia uses advanced digital solutions and AI technology to create efficient and customized collection processes. This technological heritage and expertise is at the core of Qatchr's services and makes us a leading player in the market.

Read more about Collectia here.

Meet the sales department

Jesper Winther - CSO - Qatchr

Jesper Winther

Chief Sales Officer, Group
Stine Roholte - Marketing manager - Qatchr

Stine Roholte

Oscar Bøjland - Seller at Qatchr

Lars Nordberg

Victor Byrholt QATCHR

Victor Byrholt

Oscar Bøjland - Seller at Qatchr

Oscar Bøjland


Our purpose

  • To support a healthy economy by handling debt collection in a professional, respectful and fair manner. We offer full transparency to our customers as well as debtors, and we strive to be at the forefront of digital development with all modern communication platforms and easy payment solutions.

  • To be Europe's leading digital, efficient and fair partner in credit scoring and debt collection.

  • At Qatchr, we work with four core values: respect, passion, transparency and innovation. These values permeate our everyday mindset and working methods.


Do you have any questions?

We are ready to help you every weekday 08.30-15.30 if you have any questions or want to know more about our services.